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Insights and Beyond

Digitalization I Sustainability I Technology

Will electric vehicle ownership really be adopted by the masses?
Can Artificial Intelligence learn to become ethical?
Are current working environments sustainable?

Sarah Yvonne Elsser, moderator and editor with a passion for technology, talks to Trelleborg Sealing Solutions experts and guests from business, industry and research about current social and technological trends affecting the polymer industry including digitalization, electrification and sustainability.

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We would like to drive discussions on topics like digitalization, electrification and sustainability. Our moderator Sarah Yvonne Elsser, along with experts from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and key guest speakers in the fields of business, industry and research will be joining forces to tackle these topics. Find out how progress in these areas requires a fundamental shift in societal thinking. Listen in and join the discussion!

Take advantage of this exciting platform to gain information and inspiration on both a professional and personal level.

Feel free to send us further questions, which we can use to shape future podcasts and discussions with our experts. For all questions and feedback, please contact us at the following e-mail address: info.podcasts@trelleborg.com.

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